Mario Balotelli escaped because of sincerity

The FA commission has revealed that the Liverpool striker escaped from a longer ban because his mitigation was sincere and honest

Although he caused quite a storm following his tweet that according to many breathed of anti-Semitism, Liverpool striker Marion Balotelli was able to claw his way out of a longer ban only because the commission found his mitigation to be very honest and sincere.

The Italian was handed only a one game ban for his tweet despite the Football Association asking for a two to three game suspension.

However, Balotelli, along with his legal team, produced evidence of comparative cases and although the evidence was not considered, the commission has revealed that other parts of the submissions given by Balotelli were entirely honest.

Balotelli was actually shocked to find out that the image he tweeted was offensive and sincerely had no understanding of the implications it had.

The report said that the commission was “not influenced by the submissions regarding comparative cases but believed the other parts of Mr. Balotelli’s submissions were sincere and entirely honest”.

Moreover, Balotelli had insisted during the case that his maternal grandmother was Jewish and had escaped Nazi Germany after the outbreak of World War II.

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