Mike Ashley must sell Newcastle United if he wants them to be a success

Would he do what's best for the club in the longterm and sell?The problem with owners is that they cannot be sacked. If ever there was one owner of any club then it would have to be Newcastle United’s owner, Mike Ashley. The man simply makes Mr Bean look like a guy heading right to the top!

Things looked to be heading in the right direction when he first purchased the club but a few “very poor” decisions later the club were in the Championship.

The hiring of Chris Hughton as manager from assistant manager was shrewd and clever, although many will doubt that he made that decision himself. Needless to say, Ashley intervened once again and decided that Hughton should be sacked after getting the Magpie’s back into the Premiership and halfway up the table towards the mid season point.

In Alan Pardew, they have a manager of experience, but not at the sort of level that fans deserve, many will be feeling let down, especially after Chris Hughton had done such a fantastic job. If he saves the club from relegation then Pardew will be thanked, if he doesn’t then the blame will and must only be put onto one man, the owner Mike Ashley.

Should the worst come to the worst then Mike Ashley should retract from Newcastle United and, even better, football altogether. The club should be sold at a loss to allow someone else to take the reins, a board would be the best option so that the club can be managed properly by those who actually know something about football.

What rights an owner has to make these decisions and then hide in the shadows of blame is anyone’s guess but should Newcastle be relegated this season then surely the fans will really make their opinion heard.
It is time that owners stood up to their responsibilities, if they cannot do that, then they should sell up and sell PE shorts instead.

If a Newcastle United supporter was in charge of the club and they could hear the other fans shouting that they are doing it wrong, would they leave the club?

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