Newcastle United consider two risky moves on two Premiership players

Cahill is on Newcastle United's wishlist but only on a possible bosmanNewcastle United are prepared to risk waiting on two quality players in the hope they will not be sold on in January so they can be picked for free on bosmans next summer.

Both Gary Cahill of Bolton Wanderers and Junior Hoilett of Blackburn Rovers are nearing the end of their current deals but will be put up for sale during the January transfer window should neither wish to extend their current deals with their respective clubs.

Whilst both are respected talents within the Premier league, one would assume that Newcastle United would try to bid on at least one of them over the January transfer window however sources suggest that the club are willing to wait and risk losing them to another club in January.

Gary Cahill obviously comes with a list of numerous clubs that have shown interest with Chelsea in particular looking the most likely destination. Tottenham Hotspur manager Harry Redknapp will probably also make an offer again after Christmas as he did this summer.

Hoilett though does look a player with some good potential and at just 22 years old, the Canadian winger is looking for a move to another club within the Premier League. Hoilett has already attracted the attention of the likes of Tottenham and Everton and thus far no new deal is forthcoming.

Whether Newcastle United will rue the day by not bidding during the January window remains to be seen but it shall be interesting how this situation develops.

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