Newcastle United midfielder questions English professionalism

Newcastle United midfielder Cabaye believes some players are not as professional as they are in FranceNewcastle United midfielder Yohan Cabaye has questioned the professionalism of some footballers in England claiming that they perhaps spend too much time drinking and partying that focusing on their footballing careers.

The 25 year old has been a huge bonus for the Tyneside club since his arrival in the summer, so much so, that his first call for the side against Wigan Athletic over the weekend has seen Newcastle United remain in fourth, above both Liverpool, Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur.

However Cabaye feels that although players tend to give their all on the pitch they can focus elsewhere after the match regardless of how well they have played.

Talking to one of the tabloid newspapers Cabaye said:

“It’s fine to go out once in a while but not every weekend, here in England, if you like to go out and you do not have a stable family around you, then things can soon go off the rails. Newcastle treat you as grown-up and let you run your life. Players are policed far less than at French clubs. There is a completely different approach here.”

The Frenchman continued:

“If you meet other players in the street, or even within the club, you wonder if they really are professionals. On the pitch they give their all. They’re 100 per cent focused on football and getting the result.”

Cabaye added:

“But once the game is over, irrespective of whether they have played well or not, they are all joking and singing.”

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