Plymouth Argyle saved

While many of the numerous media outlets in the UK will be talking about Sir Alex Ferguson swearing in a press conference moaning about his treatment from the FA, the Super Cup tie between Champions League holders Barcelona and Europa League winners Porto or Arsenals failed bid for Gary Cahill something much more important happened yesterday.

 I am talking about the deal that has kept Plymouth Argyle existing as a Football club which was agreed with little time to spare before the 6 o’clock deadline which would see the club become extinct.

Its not often that Plymouth Argyle are hailed as more important than Barcelona but in yesterdays case they well and truly were, a club playing in a show piece game that no one really cares about should not take preference over the survival of a club who were formed in 1886 and who turned professional in 1903.

Although the deal is not yet complete as the Football League amongst others still have to agree to it the future for the club looks a lot brighter than it did at 5 o clock last night.

The deal had been complicated by the involvement of Blue Square Bet South side Truro City’s chairman Kevin Heaney in Bishop International because under Football League rules no-one can be involved in the running of two clubs.

I have no emotional tie to Plymouth I feel that needs to be made clear but no Football side with a history this long should cease to exist and ruin many fans lives, even as an Arsenal fan I would be really unhappy were Tottenham to fold.

I for one hopePlymouthcan bounce back from the difficulties they have had in the past few years and start to rebuild themselves and be as competitive on the pitch as they were in the Championship just a few years ago.

The club who sit 22nd in League two with one point and a minus 8 goal difference kick off their first game since being saved at 3 o clock today when they host Crewe who are yet to pick up a point this season.

Are you glad of Plymouth’s survival? Is it a sign of the sorry financial state of Football that teams are struggling to exist? Do you think Plymouth can kick on from this and start climbing the Football Leagues again? Leave a comment and let us know your thoughts.
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