Football predictions – what they are and how to get them

Welcome to the world of football predictions. On this page you will get all the latest news on how football predictions work, what types of bet are the best and what are our football prediction experts betting on today. Read on to gain the knowledge on football predictions.

How do I bet on football predictions today?

Before making predictions, it’s important to do some research on the games. There are some factors that can affect the outcome of a match; some of these factors are suspensions and injuries to key players, the weather can be a factor too. One of the mistakes a lot of bettors make is betting blind, betting blind can be costly. I personally like to bet in-play, a few minutes after the game has started, just so I can observe how the teams are playing.

You can read more about football predictions with our guide here. The guide also includes information about our BTTS home win predictions here and if you need any BTTS predictions for today games then you can also get further information by reading our guide also.

Away win predictions – What are today’s away win predictions? What teams have the best chance of winning away. Of course, you can also bet on the draw. Read our draw predictions guide to find out which teams are most likely to draw their games.

You can also place a bet on no draw BTTS predictions. You can find useful information on these types of bets by studying our guide which also includes the away win and BTTS predictions for you to use.

Over and under goals are also very popular for football predictions and goals markets have a wealth of options. The over 2.5 goals predictions market is very popular and can be an interesting market to bet on.

If you fancy a game not to have too many goals then you can also bet on the over 1.5 goals prediction for today markets which are available on the majority of football matches and across the World Wide leagues.

Of course, the home win prediction remains the most popular betting market for punters around the world and is the staple for the average punter.

Shots stats can prove invaluable when placing your predictions.

What is your best football prediction today?

My best prediction for today is on the Sampdoria vs Cagliari game. Both teams have not been able to keep the goals out; Sampdoria have conceded in all of their last seven games, they’ve kept just one clean sheet in their last 16 games.

Similarly, Cagliari have conceded in all their last five games, whilst keeping one clean sheet in their last 22 games. For this reason, my prediction for this game is that both teams will find the net.

Don’t always bet on favorites

A lot of new bettors make the mistake of backing the bookies’ favorites; this is not a very good idea, as favorites don’t always win. You’d lose a lot of money betting on favorites. Instead, it’s important to look for value when betting.

Manage your bankroll

There’s a saying, “don’t bet more than you can afford to lose.” Bankroll management is vital for making profit in football betting; most experts have a daily spending limit, this makes it easier to move on after a loss. It’s also important to avoid betting big on a perceived “sure thing,” as this is one of the fastest ways to lose money.

Don’t bet on options you don’t understand

Another mistake some new bettors make is by randomly backing options they don’t understand; this is mostly because they believe since the odds are short, there’s a good chance of hitting it. This is another way to lose money fast. New bettors are advised to stick with the options they know.

Avoid betting on the first game of the season

Statistics are a vital part of predicting football matches; it’s best to bet on teams after they’ve played at least five games in a season. This helps because you can analyze the teams better. Some good teams have a tendency to start slow, and some poor teams tend to start strong.

Which site gives the best football prediction?

Prediction websites can be helpful, especially for new bettors. There are a lot of prediction websites, so it can be difficult to determine which one is best for you. In my opinion, it’s best to use prediction websites where the experts state the reasoning behind their picks. Some of these websites include,, and Of course, not all of their predictions will go through as intended; but by reading the texts, you can decide which predictions you’re comfortable with.

Our statistical tools make it easier when placing a football prediction bet.

How do experts predict a match?

Sports prediction requires a great deal of skill and dedication. People have different methods of predicting football matches, these include:

Use of statistics

One of the most important methods of predicting games is by making use of statistics from previous games. These include head to head records, team form, over and under streaks, etc.

For instance, Dover Athletic have not won a single game in the National League this season; they’ve lost 18 and drawn four of the 22 games they’ve played so far. As a matter of fact, Dover Athletic have lost 14 of their last 15 games; you’d make a lot of profit by betting against this team.

Another instance is FC Volendam in the Eerste Divisie; they are currently on an 18 match unbeaten run in the league, with 13 wins and five draws. It helps to make a list of teams like these.

Home and away predictions

Another way of predicting games is by betting on teams who tend to play well when they’re at home. It’s also worth pointing out that there are teams that struggle on the road.

In the 2015/16 season for instance, Sevilla won the UEFA Europa League. Despite being one of the best teams in Europe that season, they didn’t fare well on the road. Sevilla had no wins in 19 away games in La Liga, and they were favorites in a lot of those games. Conversely, they had a pretty good record at home, winning 14 of their 19 home games. You’d make a lot of profit betting on them at home, and against them on the road. There are a few teams like this every season, and some experts make a list of them.

Watching football games

While statistics are a vital part of analyzing football matches, they don’t always tell the whole story. One of the best ways to predict football games is by watching the teams play. Some experts can predict the outcome of a game just by knowing the teams involved.

How do experts give their prediction?

There are various ways that experts give their predictions, some of these methods include:

Tipster competitions

There are a few tipster competitions where experts can give their predictions for free, and win prizes. Bettingexpert and OLBG have two of the most popular tipster competitions in the world; there are hundreds of tipsters who fight for prizes there every month.

Social media tipsters

A lot of experts give their predictions via social media; they set up YouTube or Telegram channels, and also Facebook and Twitter pages for their predictions.

Prediction websites

One of the most common ways experts give their tips is through prediction websites. These are websites that give helpful guidelines and betting tips to new bettors.

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