Premiership Transfer News of the Week

Neymar remains hot property for numerous clubs, most notably Chelsea and Real MadridAnother week in football gone, or just beginning? The International break was not the biggest highlight of the year but thankfully it’s all over again…for a while. Some big names came up this week, most notably that of a Brazilian who was playing at the Emirates against Scotland.

Here is the Premiership transfer news for the week just gone.


His name is likely to pop up quite often with summer fast approaching. The biggest question though lies with himself. Chelsea and Real Madrid seem to to be the front runners for this startlet who only turned 19 in February. He is very talented there is no question of that but would he, at such a young age fit in at Stamford Bridge. It is one thing being able to do tricks in the Rio heat, but away to Carlisle in an FA Cup game? No, whilst it will be good for the Premier League to have his talents here, he will most likely choose a move to Spain.

Charlie Adam

The talented midfielder is hot property with the likes of Liverpool and Aston Villa interested in signing him. No doubt about it, Adam is having a brilliant season with Blackpool at the top but can he repeat these feats next season at a different club/ It has happend before and it can end it in tears. For Blackpool it will represent a chance of gaining some much needed transfer cash for either a replacement or a collection of players that could keep them in the Premier league.

Takayuki Morimoto

At 22 he is still young but Arsenal seem content with plucking the youngsters and hoping they produce the goods at Premiership level. Morimoto is a very decent prospect but valued at £14m and untested at the very highest level you just never know. There is also rumours that Arsenal want a slice of the Asian fan market and although this would make sense, £14m at this time just seems to high a price for Wenger to pay out.

Per Mertesacker

The Werder Bremen defender looks to be on his way out of the Bundesliga club this summer (at last might I add) The 26 year old has been linked with a move to Arsenal and West Ham. he can be a good solid defender for Germany, but for Bremen some his howlers have cost them big points, do Arsenal need another inconsistent defender or would Mertesacker prefer a move to his former team mate Hitzlsperger’s club a little further east.

Anyone over £30m

It would not be a week in football without Manchester City being interested in the talent available, in fact one could probably add all of the above to City’s wish list. Strangely though this week has seen City on the opposite end of transfer discussions with the likes of Silva, Tevez and Balotelli being linked with moves away. Regardless of what happens over the next few months, expect some big moves from and to City as they look to fine tune their squad before the inevitable UEFA Financial Fairplay rules come into action from 2012.

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