Qatar describe bribery allegations as “concerning and unfair”

There could be a rerun of the votes should Qatar FIFA officials be guilty of briberyThe Qatar 2022 World Cup officials have claimed that allegations regarding bribery are concerning and unfair.

The comments come after it was alledged that certain FIFA Officials were paid copius amounts of money for their World Cup votes, a vote that meant England losing their bid in the first round.

A statement by Qatar’s World Cup Officials read.

“What is concerning and unfair is that there appear to be those who are unable to accept that a team from a country like Qatar could perform in this way and are ready, on the basis of no evidence, to assume the worst, Qatar is excited at the prospect of hosting one of the world’s greatest sporting events and is determined to deliver a World Cup truly deserving of football fans around the world.”

Good news for England’s bid however is that FIFA President Sepp Blatter will not rule out a re-vote should any of the allegations prove to be true.

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