Redbull to put “both feet forward” in 2011 Formula 1

2011 looks set to be another feisty season between Webber and VettelThe Australian Redbull Formula 1 driver Mark Webber has suggested that his team will put the same amount of effort into both drivers for the 2011 Championship, despite many claiming that with team mate Sebastian Vettel winning the 2010 Championship, that they will favour the German over Webber.

The interest follows the ruling that “Team Orders” can again be followed in the 2011 season meaning tactically, Redbull could concentrate on getting Vettel a second Championship even if Webber should be winning a certain race. A few years ago this cause outrage when Rubens Barrichello, in first place, was asked to move aside to allow Michael Schumacher, then of Ferrari to move into position to be in a better position to claim the Drivers Championship.

Webber however feels that Redbull will do no such thing and that all their efforts will split amongst the team.

“The team know the best way to defend our championship is to put both their feet forward in the best possible way. That is why we achieved so much as a team.”

There were certainly no favours for either driver in 2010, so much so that in the Turkish Grand Prix, they collided with each other, such was the intensity of the rivalry for top spot.

Webber added.

“I will need to beat everyone and one of those drivers is going to be Seb. Full credit to Seb to have the No. 1 on his car, but come first practice in Bahrain, that won’t make him go any faster.”

The news also puts an end to rumours in Germany suggesting that Webber would move on with Michael Schumacher being brought in to partner Sebastian Vettel, an all-German driving team.