Robinson Cano wins Home Run Derby

Robinson Cano of the New York Yankees won Monday night’s Home Run Derby at Chase Field, Arizona. In a Yankees-Red Sox showdown in the final round Cano beat his rival Adrian Gonzalez by 12 homers to 11.

Cano batted last in the final round and throughout the contest was pitched to by his father, former Astros pitcher Jose Cano. “As a kid, you dream to be up here with a bunch of guys that you watched back in the day,” said Cano after the event. Both him and Gonzalez each hit 20 home runs through the first two rounds, seeing off Jose Bautista, Matt Kemp, Ricky Weeks, Matt Holliday, David Ortiz and Prince Fielder.

Prince Fielder had the honour of hitting the biggest home run of the night, clearing 474 feet. The Milwaukee man also managed to drive one off Chase Field’s back wall and hit another into the pool deck area of the stadium. The eight hitters raised $603,000 for charities across America, thanks to the 34 gold balls that were hit out of the park, each signalling an $18,000 donation from State Farm Insurance.

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