Roy Hodgson under threat, but would any manager fare better with the current Liverpool players?

Would a new manager now make any difference to Liverpool's season?The Liverpool situation is somewhat tricky really when you think about it. Hodgson is underfire from certain sections of fans but has apparently got the new owners backing, but how many managers, with Liverpool’s current crop of players would fare any better?

Hodgson made a few signings when he first joined but with the ownership issue making headlines around the world, he would be lying if he said it had not affected him or the players and staff.

How many players in the Liverpool set up would make a world class side? Probably three, possibly two on current form. The weight that Gerrard and Torres are forced to carry has been buckling for some time, you just cannot rely on two players all the time.

Others in the Liverpool team are either only big match players, or are far too inconsistent. Many are also just “settling in” which these days, and with the money that is paid to them is unacceptable, the ball is the same shape, the rules are the same, so what is the problem? Maybe they should be given a six month probationary period to start off with, although that would somewhat limit the numbers of this current Liverpool squad.

The calls for Hodgson’s head is predictable and perhaps warranted, but should he be replaced now, what positive outcome will that really have? Of course everyone wants “The Messiah” Kenny Dalglish at the helm, it will work for about three matches when they have a legend in charge and they receive a confident boost, but even he will then realise that he has only a very small handful of players he can really rely upon. Thereafter the problems will continue and fans will again be scratching their heads.

The answer to “sorting” Liverpool out is not a short answer, it is certainly not short term either and fans should be prepared to be much more patient. Success during one decade does not give a club the right to be successful thereafter, it has to be maintained and the problems, unfortunately for Liverpool go much further back than Hodgson’s appointment as manager.

Bringing in a new manager at this stage could be suicide for Liverpool at the moment, and although many expect them to steer clear of relegation, they could still be sucked in with yet another change at this stage of the season.

The team simply do not have the right mix of players to be successful, a mix of homegown talent and top world class players is what is needed, and has been for the last fifteen to twenty years. The time will come for Liverpool again, but just not right now.

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