Rugby World Cup 2011 – A North V North and a South V South semi final

The weekend previous would certainly have been one for television in bed; with the cold weather of Autumn creeping in, the thicker duvet out, and a nice warm cup of tea ready to get stuck into the quarter finals of the Rugby World Cup 2011. This ...

A Group Day out in the 2011 Rugby World Cup

As we have come to the end of the group stages of the World Cup, I feel this is a good time to reflect upon the 2011 competition in New Zealand. We have seen upsets, dominance, a black wave of power, a French fall, Tongan joy, Irish successes, ...

Rugby Union: Southern Hemisphere influences vital for improving European class

Last week the first Super Rugby match was held outside the tournament’s host countries at the home of rugby, Twickenham. It is now quite easy to see the clear difference in class between the European teams and the southern hemisphere provincial ...

Is it about time smaller countries had a chance to host the Rugby World Cup?

Throughout the history of the World Cup, its hosts have all been prestigious rugby playing countries. From the very first World Cup in 1987 hosted by Australia and New Zealand, the tournament has been held by all of the top rugby playing nations ...

Earthquake in New Zealand creates World Cup worry

Following this week’s tragic earthquake in Christchurch, many are worried that the adverse effects of the quake will directly impact the Rugby World Cup in September. More than 75 people were killed and numerous Christchurch buildings collapsed in ...

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