Sam Allardyce was never going to remain manager of Blackburn Rovers

Big Sam Allardyce will be missed as one of the characters in the PremiershipAs soon as the Blackburn Rovers takeover was completed you just had the feeling that the new owners, Indian owned company Venky’s, would at some point be looking for a new boss. It does not matter that it was Big Sam Allardyce in charge, it could have been Sir Alex Ferguson or Jose Mourinho, new ownership always means a new manager, when it will happen is always the important question.

Obviously Sam Allardyce had made his views public regarding a lack of funds over the January transfer window and that may have been the final straw for Venky’s. Blackburns season will not have got any better, nor any worse under Allardyce’s leadership, the team do need fresh blood but the owners feel a new manager purchasing new players might be the way forward.

Another factor that will not have helped Sam Allardyce’s case is that of his style of play, not that he wants to play that way, but each team he is normally put in charge off have the attacking ability of a wet fish and even the best of managers cannot change the squad list without extra funds.

For Allardyce, his best time was at Bolton where his work was appreciated and where the Reebok outfit were one of the most difficult teams to beat. A part of the current Bolton team still have Sam written all over it.

Losing 7-1 to Manchester United recently will not have pleased the Indian owners. They will have been trying to impress many in India and losing by that scoreline will have embarrassed them. Whilst the players nor manager can be wholly to blame for United’s form during that game, they were always going to find some form of a scapegoat, and as always, it was the manager.

But what now for Sam Allardyce, there are numerous clubs that would employ him at the drop of a hat but the general feeling is that he may want a move away from the Premiership this time. With West Ham manager, Avram Grant’s job uncertain there is always a chance he could end up in East London and prove to be their saviour but he may fancy a trip to Italy or Spain to ply his trade there.

Whichever path he chooses to go down, the Premiership will for the time being, have lost one of the more colourful characters in football. Come back soon Sam.

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