Schneiderlin to Arsenal for €20m 

According to the Frenchmedia on Thursday, link Arsenal with summer moves for several players including Schneiderlin.

Some sound quite unlikely, like snatching Hugo Lloris from Tottenham Hotspur, and others much more likely like Moussa Sissoko from Newcastle United. The French midfielder has given repeated quotes in the lead up to, and during, the winter transfer window about dreaming of playing for Arsenal.

Also there is no Morgan-Schneiderlindoubt Sissoko wants a move to the London club but it’s not entirely certain how much Arsene Wenger would want him. The reports believe there’s some level of interest there but Sissoko probably told them that himself.

If the Newcastle United player was to get his move to Arsenal in the summer then it could scupper the hopesof his France teammate Morgan Schneiderlin. The Southampton midfielder wanted to leave during the last summer transfer window but wasn’t allowed.

On  today’s rates, €20m is even less than £15m and Southampton may find that a little, or a lot, too low. Nevertheless, the intention is apparently there for an exit and Arsenal are the club linked today in France, as they often are.


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