Sir Alex Ferguson claims Manchester United will not be frightened of Barcelona

Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has claimed that United will not be playing Barcelona lacking in confidence and that he speaks with regularly with Real Madrid boss Jose Mourinho.

Manchester United sealed their place in the final with a 4-1 second leg victory over Schalke 04 at Old Trafford on Wednesday evening and Sir Alex believes the scene is set for more history.

“I don’t think we should be going there lacking in confidence, we are playing a fantastic team but we can’t be frightened out of our skins. Their form is there for everyone to see. Our job is to find a solution.”

The United manager admits he speaks to Mourinho but that he watches enough of Real Madrid to make his own decisions.

“I speak to him quite a lot, I spoke to him last week. I think we will depend on our own knowledge of Barcelona. It’s not as if we haven’t seen them before. We’ve watched them many times this season – But the experience Real Madrid have from Jose’s angle, you always take information from him like that because he is very helpful in that way.”

The record breaking United boss added.

“I think we’ll be quite well prepared for that game.”

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