Sir Trevor Brooking stokes fire regarding Jack Wilshere call up

Football Association technical director Sir Trevor Brooking has added to the ongoing Jack Wilshere European U21 Championship debate by suggesting that players like the Arsenal midfielder should be given the chance to play in such tournaments to provide them with experience.

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger however is of the opinion that Wilshere is possibly being over played at such an early stage in his career.

“It is a debate but we are not trying to drain our players. The issue mainly for us is tournament experience. Just look at some of the other countries. Spain is the best example. Some of their current big name players won fifty, sixty, seventy youth caps in the different age groups and have won trophies at those levels.”

The technical director continued.

“It might be a bit unfair at times for Jack because he mustn’t be the be all and end all. You are looking for some fresh blood to come through. Over the season one or two have come in. Ashley Young has forced his way into the senior side, Jack is another. It is a case of trying to balance things through the system so you don’t fast track them too quickly.”

Whilst the decision is most likely to rest in young Wilshere’s hands one cannot help but assume that he will not be able to keep both Arsenal and the FA happy.

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