Stoke City defender will be spurred on by Arsenal boos

Stoke City defender Ryan Shawcross has admitted he will be booed by Arsenal fans when the Emirates side travel to the Brittania Stadium this Sunday.

Ryan Shawcross was responsible for the challenge that broke Arsenal youngster Aaron Ramsey’s leg early last year but he claims that any booing will result in him be spurred on.

“I got booed and abused when I went there and it didn’t really affect my game, if anything, it spurred me on to play better. I’m sure I’ll get more of the same this time but I’ll be able to deal with it.”

The Stoke City defender also added.

“Our fans and players love putting one over on Arsenal. There is a bit of a rivalry there because of past games, and the fans will be as loud as they always are when Arsenal come to the Britannia.”

Depending on the result between Manchester United and Chelsea, Arsenal will require three points against the FA Cup finalists should they wish to mathematically still be in with a chance of winning the title.

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