The chase for Belgian starlet is on for Manchester City

Lukaku has interested many Premiership football clubsEver since Manchester City’s momentous take over in January of last year, if a player is dubbed a ‘starlet,’ their name will be mentioned in the same breath.

Not content with having a subs bench valued at more than the combined total of most Premier Leagues clubs starting 11, Mancini is looking to add to his already potent strike force.

Anderlecht’s 17-year-old, Romelu Lakaku has now hooked six of the big Premier League’s big sides and is very much aware of it. 13 goals in 20 games have assured the striker that as far as options go, he has the most.

Mancini has insisted that City are not ready to make a bid, whether or not they are mulling over if he is good enough, or the owners have a limit of withdrawing ten million a day isn’t clear. If the latter is the case, we can expect to see the Belgian holding up a sky blue shirt in a few days.

If money is on the youngsters mind (and it most certainly is) the likes of Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool and Tottenham might as well start looking else where for talent. Unless of course, they are willing to offer 10 times the amount an average person earns in a year in wages.

Saying money is the only factor would be naive though. Even if he does end up earning an absurd amount, for a teenager, warming the bench with his million pound backside won’t be an option.
Not only is the player an agent’s wet dream, his age makes him impressionable. Christophe Henrotay (his agent) will play a large part in what move he makes. Henrotay has already hinted that he doesn’t see a place in City’s strike force for Lukaku.

However if he has a mindset such as the delusional ‘Super’ Mario Balotelli, he is already the best striker in the world and will get in any team.

With unquestionable talent, there is still the possibility he could fall through the cracks. I can think of a few who have joined the blue side of Manchester and not made it. Roque Santa Cruz, Benjani, Craig Bellamy, Emmanuel Adebayor, Jo, Felipe Caceido, Nery Castillo, Ched Evans, Valeri Bojinov. The list literally could go on, anyway I digress.

One thing does remain in the other teams favour however. Lukaku has stated that he wants to win ‘big titles’ so United, Chelsea and dare I say it, Liverpool even have a chance. City’s attempt to buy success looks to fall flat again this season, but will it?

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