Top of the Premiership with two games in hand yet Manchester United fans still crave new signings

If you were to put any team on top of the Premiership pile apart from Manchester United you would expect most to be happy with the situation. However, the feeling around Old Trafford still seems to be that of nerves and anxiety as the Red Devil’s hunt their 19th Premier League crown.

Manchester United are certainly not one of those teams that we have all been in awe of, far from it, the current team is perhaps less entertaining than those before them but no one will should really be complaining. They currently sit pretty at the top of the league, two points clear with two games in hand over their nearest and perhaps fiercest rivals, Manchester City.

The lead that United currently have over City still makes the United fans somewhat nervous, and most probably because City have a very big collection of top drawer superstars. For five to ten years ago it will have been United making these purchases instead, now, with the vast billions at City’s disposal, the blue half of Manchester are doing all the business.

Should fans be worried about the threat of Manchester City? Maybe, but it is still very early in the season to be judging and City do look like a team more nervous than most, despite some big experienced players in the squad.

For Manchester United fans it does remain a sceptical period. They want the best players the world has to offer and quite rightly, but do they really need them right now? United had a very tough start to the season, with many tough fixtures and without Rio Ferdinand for the most part.

They are now in a position which is their to lose, purchasing a new player at this time could unsettle the balance and Sir Alex Ferguson will surely know this better than anyone, the past is a big guide on how Manchester United manage this part of the season and purchasing players in January just does not happen.

Whether United or City win this seasons Premiership title, one can be sure that both teams will be locked in very big transfer talks over the summer.

As a Manchester United fan do you feel you need new signings to win a 19th title? Or do you believe the squad are capable of doing the business?

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