Tottenham Hotspur to make one of these top strikers top priority

Samuel Eto'o remains a good player but his age will play a factor in any Tottenham decisionInformation leaking out of White Hart Lane has suggested that Harry Redknapp’s Tottenham Hotspur are looking to acquire either Sergio Agüero of Atlético Madrid or Samuel Eto’o who currently plays for Inter Milan.

Redknapp has recently suggested that Tottenham need to spend in the summer to remain in contention for Champions League places and he is adamant that the team must be continuously tweaked.

“It is no good doing it once and not having a go at doing it again for another fifteen years or something like that. To do it every year, you have to keep improving your squad. We have seen the players you have to bring in. Everyone has seen the talented players we have got and how they are capable of playing at this level.”

It seems as though Tottenham have identified the need for a World Class striker in Agüero or Eto’o but neither will come cheap meaning Daniel Levy will need to keep the cheque book handy. Whilst Agüero would seem the better choice for the future – he will be 23 years old in June – Eto’o does bring a vast amount of experience with him, particularly in the Champions League, having won it twice with Barcelona and of course last season with Inter Milan.

Eto’o would be the more reasonably priced option but at 30 years of age, his best may no longer be good enough for the Premiership and may be considered a risk by purchasing him at the stage in his career.

Another issue for Tottenham is who would their priority signing be playing with. This season has seen many of Redknapp’s strikers rumoured to be leaving but with Peter Crouch, Jermain Defoe and Pavlyuchenko on the books – with Robbie Keane out on loan – there may be a chance of perhaps one or two departing for pastures new in the summer with Redknapp choosing to use Crouch to partner the new signing.

Both players would prefer to join a team that will be competing in next seasons Champions League however, Agüero will miss out with Atlético this time around but should Eto’o remain at the San Siro, he will be involved in a new campaign.

Should Tottenham nudge past Manchester City into fourth place and qualify for next seasons competition then the likelyhood of one of these players joining could be extremely high. Agüero is however a wanted man with both Manchester United and Manchester City interested in his signature.

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