Tottenham need to sort out defence before slating missed opportunities

Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp is not sure on his defenceHad Harry Redknapp’s Tottenham outfit yesterday not leaked more goals yet again, they will have won 0-1 and be in a much better position for that coveted and very important fourth Champions League spot. As it happens the White Hart Lane boss was more unimpressed by Spurs’ finishing than of the defensive sloppyness that halted their four wins on the bounce Premiership charge.

It is no secret that in Tottenham’s first Champions league campaign they have struggled slightly after the European games but one cannot use the prestige competition as an excuse for what would be kind to call pathetic defending.

Yes, Spurs missed some very big chances to draw or possibly even win the game with Roman Pavyluchenko the biggest offender but if they want to play Champions League football again next season, and perhaps keep hold of some of their greater talents they will need to learn how to defend very quickly.

Redknapp was more concerned about the missed chances.

“So then we come out second half and it is chance after chance after chance, just needed one goal and the game would have turned upside down. But they just kept missing them, it’s unreal.”

But regarding the giving away of three goals Redknapp seemed unable to find any answers.

“We gave a couple of very sloppy goals away on the break, but what can you do?”

Tottenham Hotspur may be a bit unlucky where keeping their top defenders fit but this is an area of the utmost importance if they want to keep their Champions League qualification hopes alive whilst performing against the top teams in Europe every couple of weeks.

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