Two year extension for Kenny Dalglish “likely”

Kenny Dalglish is likely to accept a two year extension at Liverpool FCSources close to Liverpool FC have reported that current manager of Liverpool is likely to accept a two year contract extension keeping the former Reds striker at Anfield until the end of the 2012/2013 season.

It has been noted that discussions began a long time ago but that Dalglish is in no rush to sign just yet. The news quashes rumours that Liverpool had made a pre-deal agreement with current Porto manager Andre Villas Boas.

Our source claimed.

“It’s likely that Kenny will be offered a two year extension until 2013 and that he will accept. There is no way Liverpool FC would bring in the likes of Andy (Carroll) and Luis (Suarez) who Kenny wanted, then bring in another manager who may not want them.”

That does seem logical. Why would a team wish to purchase big names then bring in a different manager who may wish to change things around, especially with Dalglish already stamping his mark on the squad?

“Pre deals are done with players that are agreed by the management and not solely the Liverpool board, if Kenny was not going to stay then any dealings would be put on hold until a new manager is in place.”

Whilst Liverpool have not had the best of seasons it is obvious that the club have thrived since Dalglish’s return. Despite a few poor performances the general play has been good and the Liverpool board would be daft to change management just a few months after having invested such a large amount of funds under Dalglish’s control.

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