Villas-Boas about to join Chelsea…but would like a five year deal

Chelsea FC look as though they are about to get their man Andre Villas-Boas who is currently in London with Stamford Bridge chiefs trying to negotiate a deal.

It has been claimed that the 33 year old coach would like a long term five year deal at Chelsea with time given to develop the side into World beaters. Whether or not that will mean a clause being included into the new agreement by Abramovich to suggest the Portuguese manager will not be fired if he fails to bring the Champions League to the club is something certainly worth considering.

The Russian Oligarch has wielded his axe far too often, starting with the untimely exit of Jose Mourinho which seems such a long time ago now. The deal, thought to be around £4.5m per year will see Villas-Boas as one of the top Premiership earners however he does not wish to join the club as a simple quick-fix to current problems and will not sign if not given assurances that his time at the club will be his to control as he sees fit.

This not only represents a great chance for Abramovich to gain a very good manager but it may also be his last chance to select someone to keep for more than two seasons, another firing in 2011/2012 will surely see fans pointing the figure at the Russian, instead of the man he will be hiring to take Chelsea forward.

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