Wenger admits he will be “very active” this transfer window

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has admitted that due to the UEFA Financial Fairplay ruling to come in shortly he will be “very active” in the transfer market fuelling speculation that perhaps at last, Arsenal fans may see some big name and big game players turning up at the Emirates.

Arsenal have had a frustrating season where at one stage they looked to be in full control, only for a Carling Cup final defeat to affect the remainder of their season. Manchester City’s good form, and a few slip-ups by the Gunner has meant the North London side finishing in fourth.

However Wenger believes improvement will be made next season and is already looking ahead to adding to his squad.

“The market will be hyperactive because everyone believes financial fair play will happen soon. So we are quickly doing the last buying before the stores will be closed. And for the very first time for a while, I will be very active too.”

Activity in the transfer market in one thing, acquisitions in the transfer market though is a totally different thing altogether.

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