Wenger convinced of “huge financial crisis”

Wenger believes Europe is on the verge of yet another financial crisis which will this time affect football tooArsene Wenger, the Arsenal manager and Economist has spoken of his concern for a huge financial crisis within the next three weeks to three months with the 61 year old manager feeling football will also be under threat.

Whilst this summer was not the largest spending spree of transfer windows numerous clubs in Spain were unable to pay their players and this resulted in strikes. With the summer transfer window having just closed there were some numerous big purchases, most notably by Manchester City, Liverpool and Manchester United, and Wenger expects certain clubs to be financially affected drastically by Christmas.

“I believe that Europe overall as a unit is going towards a massive crisis which nobody really expects now, I am convinced that Europe will go into a huge financial crisis within the next three weeks or three months and maybe that will put everything into perspective again.”

“Football is not untouchable. We live with people going to the stadiums as well and from advertising from people who buy products. All our income could be a little bit under threat in the next few months. We have seen the first signs of some resistance in Spain where everybody complains.”

The Arsenal manager added:

“Football is not only about money. We believe in ourselves that we can compete with them but that’s as simple as it is.”

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