What has led to Chelsea‘s downfall?

Petr Cech has not had the best of seasons so far for ChelseaThere are many factors to discuss and all appear to have very little solutions and surprisingly, only a small minority have called Carlo Ancelotti’s management into question. There is also the departure of Ray Wilkins, overlooked but crucial, and Drogba being incompatible with another striker no matter how much cash Roman Abramovich departs with.

Used to being the main man in Chelsea’s once relentless attacking force, it is this factor that may see his time at the club cut shorter than planned. Fernando Torres and Nicolas Anelka have shown the potential of their partnership whilst both struggle when playing alongside the Ivorian.

Throughout his career at Stamford Bridge he has only looked at his world-class best when playing as a lone striker, once given a partner to play with (if this was Wayne Rooney, euphemisms would be flooding in) his abilities seem to disappear despite sapping them out of the unfortunate secondary striker.

The colourless style of their play isn’t the only thing to place blame on however. Their opponents have improved; their emphatic wins came at teams like West Bromwich Albion and Wigan, who with all due respect, aren’t the best.

Another point that has been grossly underestimated is the departure of Wilkins. The link between him getting the boot and the Blue’s recent form is no coincidence.

Whilst along side Ancelotti the stats do a solid job of proving the assistant manager was incredibly influential. With him, the team managed 13 wins in 17 games and only lost on three occasions to Liverpool, Manchester City and Newcastle.

Since he was horrendously dismissed at half time during a reserves game, they have played 20 and have only won seven, losing seven and drawing four in the process. Need I say anymore?

However even as a stubborn minded Chelsea fan, these factors seem like nothing more than excuses.

The fact Petr Cech has had a mare compared to his normal standards hasn’t even been mentioned but still. For reasons that can not be backed up, the headgear is some how to blame; he looks like a gangly rugby player who has been drained of any muscle.

Anyway, the worst part of this whole topic is that there is very little sign of improvement. Yes they may have comfortably brushed past Copenhagen, but honestly, my Sunday League team would have had a good go at that.

I would like to say with Torres in attack we stand a better chance, I would like to say with Frank Lampard fully fit we stand a chance, but I can’t. Like many Chelsea supporters, faith in the manager and even the ‘stars’ is beginning to drop to levels lower than the publics belief in a coalition government.

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