What next for Joey Barton and footballers use of Twitter

Joey Barton's use of twitter could have repercussions for numerous clubsJoey Barton being made available on a free transfer due to comments he made on social networking site Twitter have opened a whole can of worms not just within Football but many other sports.

Regular readers will notice this is a topic SFTS has touched upon before with the article: https://shoutsfromthestands.wordpress.com/2011/01/12/is-twitter-making-a-twit-of-footballers/ but in light of recent events I feel it needs to be re-visited.

Since Barton’s transfer listing the use of Twitter by athletes has been national news with many calling for Footballer’s to be banned from Twitter.

Since Barton’s outbreak Newcastle have made a legal document for all their players to not be able to share team or injury news as well as not to speak in a negative light about the Football club.

This much makes sense but a complete ban from twitter would be ludicrous. Ignoring that it would basically take away their freedom of speech it is a great way for fans to interact with players and in some part understand the life of a Footballer.

Many people of an older generation say a main reason they have fallen out of love with the game is because the players are untouchable now, before interaction was normal players were happy to speak to fans, now that just doesn’t happen.

Twitter although in a slightly different fashion is bringing that back, you can send a personal message to your favourite players, get them to acknowledge you exist, yes they can ignore you but they could ignore you in the street. It is clear my views on Twitter are that it is a positive tool; clubs should encourage interaction with fans, besides nothing sells tickets or shirts like interaction with players.

Many of you will know this website is on twitter (@SFTS1) I have interaction with players and think it would be criminal for that to be stopped.

Barton may of crossed the line with a negative tweet about his employers, but its nothing more than many players have often said in the press, Barton knows the press wont go near him as they don’t want to be associated with glorifying someone with his character, so he gave his views via Twitter.

It may of cost him his job so in hindsight wasn’t a very good idea; he wore his heart on his sleeve and is paying the price for it, but answer this had someone without Barton’s history Tweeted the exact same words would they find themselves in the situation Barton is currently in? I personally don’t think so.

Back on to Barton’s career and where next after his exit from St James Park looks inevitable, in my opinion he is a very good player and would probably get in the side of at least 13 of the Premier League clubs if not more.

His problem has always been his off the field antics; all it takes is a manager to look past his past and judge him on ability and a team will gain a huge asset.

I may get slated for this but as an Arsenal fan id be happy to see Barton pull on an Arsenal shirt, he is a combative midfielder with a bit of steel but what people often forget is he has tons of ability.

I am fully aware that it be highly unlikely that Wenger would sign him as he doesn’t like outspoken players and that much Barton certainly is.

For a while now Barton has stayed clear of trouble and is simply being frowned upon due to his past reputation, many of you will come on here and tell me I’m wrong and call him a thug. I cannot deny at some points in his life he has been thuggish and a complete idiot, but, let he without sin may cast the first stone….

What are your thoughts? Am I completely wrong should Barton be overlooked by everyone? Would you welcome home to your club? Is the interaction between players and fans on Twitter a good thing? Do you think talk of banning athletes from Twitter is justified? Leave a comment and let us know your thoughts.

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