Why a vast majority of Arsenal “fans” should be disgusted with themselves

Whilst at the game on Sunday where Arsenal were forced to pass around the “bus parked in front of goal” I could not help but feel ashamed when a large section of the fans began to boo the team off. This, on a day that Thierry Henry returned to the club.

The booing is perhaps understandable and after speaking with a few of these “boosters” after the game the overall reaction was that it was regarding Arsenal’s lack of movement in the transfer window. But what really gets my hairs up are those telling Wenger who to buy and who to replace – like they know everything about football when in reality they know nothing except who is the fastest player on the latest console game.

Arseanl have not won anything for six years granted but look who they have had to face, Manchester United are always a side that will be fighting for hounours, Chelsea during the mid naughties also claimed some titles, but these are teams that have been back by serious financial clout.

When I read certain comments on Arsenal websites the most annoying thing I read is something like this.

Wenger out dis is nt d way we wnt it, no monez, no playerz, nuting, wenger hs 2 go nw or we win nowt

I mean what the f*ck gives anyone the right to talk about Arsene Wenger like that and secondly why can they not write English correctly. It is one thing to criticise, but to criticise in a list of vowels and syllables is just crazy. If you want to say your piece then try and find some intelligence before adding things like the above.

Wenger has been Arsenal’s most successful manager of all time and despite many fans moaning about signings, the fact of the matter is that Wenger has bought quality in Gervinho, the Fabregas and Nasri stuff looks to be coming to an end and he has said that he will invest in new players sooner rather than later.

So many care calling out for new centre backs, they might be needed but when you look at things on the whole, Arsenal’s defence was not that bad last season, there were some crazy lapses on concentration that’s all, and I don’t think you can buy concentration at Tesco’s the last time I checked.

Do you really think the likes of Cahill and Samba can handle the pressure of playing for Arsenal? They both play for mid table teams and can play week in week out without the pressure of having to win a match to make it into the Champions League spots, Jagielka is a different story, Wenger knows what he wants and he sees leadership and defensive qualities in the Everton man, the Merseyside club are also a top seven side and Wenger would obviously rather have a defender playing for a bigger club than some players who have done “ok” over the last 18 months.

Back to trophyless seasons, think how other teams feel, they play each season hoping not be relegated, to manage a top 10 finish, Arsenal play every season to win the league and reach the top four against some excellent competition in United, City and Chelsea. It’s easy when your sat on your backside using the controller to dribble around Vidic but in the real world my friends it is much more complicated.

If you want to slate Arsene Wenger each time he makes a comment then do so, but don’t you dare call yourself an Arsenal fan.

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