Why Arsenal fans should remain calm

It has not been the best of years for Arsenal fans, not winning anything for a sixth year running is bad enough but should the media be correct in what is currently mass speculation, then we may be on the verge of a seventh year without any silver.

The news that Manchester City are close to signing Gael Clichy and Samir Nasri would not only dent Arsenal’s hopes for next season, but we would in reality, be surrendering to the Eastlands side, “you’ve had Adebayor, you may as well have these guys too.”

But there is some brilliant news for Arsenal that no one has really touched on this summer. Not one of our players have left yet. We have signed one youngster. Nasri still has a year left on his contract, Fabregas has a good few years left too and despite all the speculation (This website included), we can still go into pre-season with a decent looking squad and with Gervinho on his way.

Let us for one moment believe that all this hype is bull. Cesc gives us a further year out of respect, Nasri signs and puts it down to not finding a pen, Cahill and Parker join up then things are looking up again. We have to look at the facts and not bite into everything that is thrown our way, Wenger can already feel pressure but he does not need it from us everytime a newspaper links the side with a player we do not feel will fit.

At this stage of the season there are all sorts of rumours flying around, some good, some bad, but we as Arsenal fans have to look at the facts. If we stick to the facts and believe only what we hear from the club itself then not only will we see that things at the Emirates are not too bad afterall, but that there may be bigger signings on the way than many of us predict.

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