Why this Liverpool player could be the answer to gaining that fourth spot

When at the top of his game, Liverpool's Joe Cole can make a big difference.Joe Cole has endured a frustrating start to his Liverpool career since joining from Chelsea on a free transfer last summer. The midfielder has yet to find his best form and has suffered hamstring and knee injuries which have restricted him to playing just 19 games this campaign. However if he finds his best form, then he could well be the answer to Liverpool finishing in the top four this season.

Cole’s signing was seen as a massive coup by Liverpool fans and pundits as it showed that the Merseyside club could still sign the big players. The fact that it cost the club nothing just added to the equation. However, due to his disjointed start, the hype hasn’t lived up to expectations and has led to the frustration of Liverpool fans. The supporters know though, that an in-form Joe Cole can cause nightmares to the defence of any opposition and has the potential to do something which can be a game-changer.

Cole made his first appearance under caretaker manager Kenny Dalglish on Thursday in the UEFA Cup tie against Sparta Prague and after the game Dalglish urged Liverpool fans to be patient with the former Chelsea player. He said ‘We have to be patient with Joe. That’s his first run since I came here. Joe is a valuable asset for us. Obviously he is not going to pick up his form immediately; if he does it will be a real bonus. But we are not going to put him under pressure and expect him to be the Joe Cole who came to Liverpool in the summer. We want to give him a bit of time and make sure he gets there. Form is temporary, class is permanent and that is where we stand with Joe.”

If Joe Cole does rediscover his form quickly and forces his way into the side, then the prospect of seeing Cole join the likes of Steven Gerrard, Andy Carroll and Luis Suarez is one to look forward to. Liverpool appear to have a rock solid defence at the moment and when you add in the attacking potential mentioned above then the Reds could become a very dangerous side.

Winning games can sometimes come down to a player producing a moment of a magic and Joe Cole is more than capable of doing such things. Who knows what his contribution will lead to if he does get back into the Liverpool side and performs at his best. Perhaps, if he produces enough special moments, Liverpool could be playing in the Champions League next season.

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