Will any transfer ever beat the £80m Cristiano Ronaldo sale?

When Cristiano Ronaldo moved from Manchester United to Real Madrid in the 2009 transfer window many people were shocked. The shock was mainly due to the massive transfer fee paid by Madrid which broke the record for the most expensive footballer ever.

Recently UEFA have introduced a new piece of legislation which states that by the end of the season the football club has to be in the green. This means that any incredibly massive fees will be unlikely to go through so long as the rule is followed through properly. If the punishment is just a cash fine then they might as well not bother, trying to punish Manchester City through a fine would be like trying to drown a fish. However they could issue sanctions such as forbidding them to play in the Champions League for that year or putting in place a transfer embargo. It is very hard to say if this rule will actually work and if the rule will be a good thing for football anyway.

If the new legislation is discarded soon I can see only a few players who might beat this record. When Ronaldo did move a few summers back all these people who knew nothing about football but a lot about finding misery in all aspects of life began to complain saying that it finally showed that football is out of touch. Yes, well done we knew that for years. Since the age of railings in between fans and players football has only been destined to go one way. I’m not saying that the way of no contact between players and supporters is brilliant but that’s the way it is going. The olden days have gone when the players used to go out and get drunk during half time (maybe that’s an exaggeration but it was nearly that bad).

Those players that might move who would break the £80 million record, so long as the UEFA ruling doesn’t work out will only be the elite. I cannot see clubs like Morcambe ever selling any player for any way near that fee, provided Gordon Brown doesn’t come back to our government and try to help out, inflation rates shall rocket. These players will be the likes of Messi, Neymar and maybe Rooney. Definitely not Matt Done, Adam Le Fondre or Matt Harold.

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