Will Luis Suarez be a Liverpool FC Player for Years to Come

Will Suarez remain an Anfield player in the long term?There is no doubt that Luis Suarez is already a success in the Barclays Premier league, although his English adventure is only six months old he has already grabbed the headlines due to many blistering performances popping up in all areas of the pitch and proving a great spectacle to watch.

With Steven Gerrard chomping at the bit in the sky studio to get on the field and see how they connect after the Fulham away game last season declaring ‘I can’t wait to just be back and playing alongside him’.

At £22m he looks a bargain, good acceleration over the first ten yards, a cool head in the penalty area, a vast will to win and an edge of unpredictability, the perfect combination that any club and manager would desire.

The problem Liverpool have at the moment is that are the club actually in the position to fulfil the players desire? With his ‘vast will to win!’

We have seen it many times before with players declaring their undying love for a club and then without a moment’s notice moving on when the first sign of failure presents itself. Fernando Torres declaring he would ‘never leave for another English club’ because he would ‘find it too hard to play against Liverpool’ he stated this in his hugely popular selling autobiography about his time at the club, a few months later he was holding a Chelsea number nine shirt in his hand saying ‘how proud he was to play for the blues’.

Luis has already came out and declared his love for the club stating ‘I love the club, the city is nice and my family are settling in well’ Liverpool fans will believe him and take him to their heart as they have done with Torres and others in the past.

In my opinion unless Liverpool get into the Champions League next season and look like they are going to challenge for major trophies in the near future the club will be waving goodbye to Luis Suarez. Yes the club will make a big profit and if he carries on where he left of last season they could value him at the £50m mark, but football is not about profit just ask Arsenal fans.

Luis was quoted whilst he was away with Uruguay at the Coppa America stating when answering a question about possibly joining Barcelona ‘what player would not like to play for Guardiola, if it can happen then it can happen’.

The Liverpool Football Club of two years ago could say that Luis Suarez was lucky to play for the club with stars including Torres, Alonso, Mascherano, Hyypia, Gerrard and Reina. Champions league football and a manager who had won Europe’s greatest prize.

Now they find themselves with few world class players and no Champions League football. Yes King Kenny is back, but a King is not a god and it is going to take cold hard cash to take Liverpool back to the strength of getting over eighty points in a season (2007-2008).

My guess is that Luis will have no qualms about changing shirts to fulfil his ambitions and that would leave Liverpool being known as a server club for potential world class players proving themselves (Mascherano, Torres and Alonso) for a season or two before they move on to the ‘elite level’

As a Liverpool fan this is my biggest fear!

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