Wolves and Stoke City make enquiries for Chelsea’s summer signing

Stoke City and Wolves have made enquiries into Romelu Lukaku Wolverhampton Wanderers and Stoke City have made enquiries as to whether latest Chelsea FC signing Romelu Lukaku is available for loan this summer.

The Belgian striker had already suggested prior to joining the Stamford Bridge club that he would be joining them to take part in first team matters and not to be loaned out. Whilst at this stage they are only enquiries it does remain a possibility that Chelsea could loan Lukaku out albeit the likelyhood of anything happening before the January transfer window remains slim.

January could represent a chance for Stoke or Wolves with Chelsea then having had enough time to be able to analyse their squad to the extent that manager Andre Villas Boas would be able to make an informative choice.

With Chelsea already having Nicolas Anelka, Daniel Sturridge, Didier Drogba and Fernando Torres on their books, the club would either need to look to sell one striker to give Lukaku numerous chances at Premiership football, or after the first half of the season, perhaps loan him out to gain some much needed premiership experience.

Although it is doubtful that enquiries by Stoke City and Wolves will prove fruitful, there is always a chance that something could come to fruition after Christmas.

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