Xabi Alonso reveals reasons behind leaving Liverpool FC

Alonso was not given much choice but to leave Liverpool FC Former Liverpool FC midfielder has told the clubs official website his reasons for leaving Anfield six years after their emphatic Champions League win in 2005.

The defensive midfielder left Liverpool in 2009 to join Real Madrid but there has alway been an air of mystery surrounding the departure under manager Rafael Benitez.

“At the end of that season, speaking to Rafa, he told me the situation and that he wanted to sign other players and I could be one of the replacements, if an offer would have come, probably I would have been sold. That’s when I told myself that the situation had changed, from being a very important player to being one of those who can be sold to get funds to sign other players. I accepted it because I am a professional but you have to realise what your situation is. At the end nothing happened because there was no agreement and we started my last season in Liverpool, but knowing what had happened.”

Whilst no one in their right mind would have wanted to sell Alonso at this stage it was obvious that the ownership of Liverpool was playing a big part.

“I had to take it from their point of view. We knew what had happened and once we knew I was going to stay, if the manager was going to pick me then I was going to play as well as possible. There were no personal problems, it was a professional relationship.”

Alonson continued.

“I didn’t feel I had a point to prove. I knew what I was capable of giving to the team and what I had given for the four years, and then the last one. In the last one the team was really good, we were winning so many games, beating the top teams home and away and that made a big difference. Because of the silly draws we got at home at the beginning of the season, that’s probably why we didn’t win the Premier League. We felt we had a very good team, we were very competitive and it was a disappointment not to win the league.

The 29 year old continued.

“I didn’t know what would happen but at the end of the season, knowing what had happened, I felt if another option was to come I needed to take another step in my career. It was very difficult to take that decision, but it was probably for the best for me because I was not comfortable with that situation and if I had stayed another season it would have been uncomfortable for me.”

“I was really happy with the team and my teammates and felt that we could do great things. I was happy on that side but within a club you have to see the big picture and another season would have been too much for me.

“As soon as the season finished I talked to the manager. I knew that maybe Madrid were coming and I said if the terms were good then I wanted to leave.”

Whether his latest revelations could mean a return for Xabi Alonso to Liverpool is uncertain but the fans for one would certainly take him back with open arms. Whether age will play such a big factor in new Liverpool signings is yet to be seen and should Dalglish be looking at quality towards the age of thirty then Alonso would make a great re-acquisiton.

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