You know a player is leaving the club when they say……

"I want to stay with Manchester United" But Ronaldo soon moved to Real MadridWith transfer gossip and rumours filtering through on a almost hourly basis, and with it being this time of the season where contracts are normally tied up or chucked in the bin, I thought I would look at some of the quotes that suggest they might not be going anywhere but in reality they will be with another club in a few months.

You know a player is leaving the club when they say….

“I do not know yet what the future holds for me. For the time being only I want to think about the present.”

This is from Arsenal’s Gael Clichy. If someone is waving a contract under your nose with too may zero’s in to bother counting and you like the club you say yes and do not put it off. I’m sure he could put a few hours aside to sign a new deal.

“I want to stay at Manchester United.”

This classic is from Cristiano Ronaldo who a few months later was playing for Real Madrid. Sir Alex should be aware that anyone suggesting they want to stay at the club and who have considerable talent, will shortly be leaving.

“I love this club.”

Of course you do, so many players are in love with their clubs that when another team offer more money the love goes out the window.

“My future is here.”

Correct, but normally only for a few more months then it’s off back to Italy or Spain for a bit of sunbathing.

“I will stay with the club even if we are relegated.”

Brilliant. This little beauty is one we hear every season towards the end, all the bigs stars say it but then reality kicks in and they hand in a transfer request quicker than Mike Ashley when he sniffs a sale.

“I want to stay here forever.”

Eight weeks later they play for someone else.

“I am relaxed and will talk about the contract at the end of the season.”

No you won’t. You’re relaxed because you know a big money move is on the cards and the only contract you will be discussing is with another club.

“I have three years left on my current contract and want to see it out.”

This is another classic which works where 12-16 year olds are concerned but when we read this each and every week you just know that you won’t be seeing them in your team shirt much longer.

“It is my dream to play here.”

Players seem to dream too often and once the word dream is mentioned you can bet your last few pounds that his dream will mean moving elsewhere and soon.

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