Premiership Transfer News of the Week

Barcelona are linked with Tottenham's flyer Gareth BaleAnother week, another list of names linked to clubs. The week has seen more action off it than on it what with fines, banishments to the stands and of course exits from European competition but transfer rumours, regardless of anything else happening in the World always seem to continue. Here are the main names we have come across this week.

Michael Owen

The 31 year old tends to spend more time off the pitch than on it these days although there is no question of his finishing ability if fit. That’s the big question though. If? Manchester United have shown in the past to look after players when injured but when Owen does not play it’s no good. Recent interest in the former England international has seen teams like Fulham, Aston Villa and Everton being linked with him but whether those clubs want to risk paying wages for Owen to sit on the bench is a totally different matter. The likelyhood of Owen staying and probably ending his career at Manchester United is quite high.

Romelu Lukaku

With a price tag of around £18m you would think that the 17 year old Belgian youngster is a bit expensive for his age and of course not being tested at the highest level but this has not put teams such as Chelsea, Liverpool and Tottenham off. News this week filtered through that Blackburn, who apprently will have some big funds to spend this summer are also interested and could make a bid, for Lukaku the options are there but will he prefer a team that are not in Europe to one that has Champions League aspirations?

Dani Alves

The Barcelona defender has been the subject of lots of speculation, mostly linking the talented Brazilian to Manchester City. Arguably he already plays for the best team in the world so any move will certainly only be for the money. Chelsea were also in the hunt for his signature so a lot will depend on which team will be in the Champions League season. The 27 year old may fancy a new challenge and there are some silly rumours going around that he is unhappy at the club.

Gareth Bale

It would not be a week of football transfer news if Bale was not linked to some club or another. Barcelona are apparently interested in the left back, wing back and winger (You choose!) meaning they will be fighting manchester United during the summer if this is true. Tottenham understandably will be doing everything in their power to keep him but one can only see Bale wanting to stick around if the North London club remain in the Champions League next season.

Jack Rodwell

The talented Everton youngster has been the target of speculative transfer talk over the last few months and Manchester United are apparently the most keen club to get his signature with figures of £20-£25m being banded about (a bit high if you ask me), and with Everton and Manchester United having done business before with a certain youngster something could be on the cards, whether this will be immediate or perhaps even if United allow him to stay on loan at Everton for a further season remains to be seen.

Wilfried Zaha

The Crystal palace striker has been in the news quite a bit recently with the likes of Liverpool and West Brom interested. There are also reports of Arsenal sending their scouting team in to check out the talented 18 year old who is already being seen as a possible future England international. With so many clubs now looking to poach the youngsters of other clubs is Zaha one of those likely to be warming up the bench for a Premiership side next season?

Per Mertesacker

The German centre-back is having an awful season for Werder Bremen and should the Bundesliga team be relegated he will certainly be on his way out. Teams rumoured to be interested are that of West Ham and Arsenal although you can perhaps link the latter with most center-backs these days. At 26 years old the Germany international has experience and years ahead of him to make a decent signing and most clubs will be watching Bremen’s situation very closely.

That sums up the majority of transfer news this week. Some big names up there and some decent players for the future too but will we see any of them involved during the summer transfer tussle? I’ll be back next week with more from the weeks Premiership transfer news.

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